Larger, Brighter, Clearer - The easiest Teleprompters to Read
For Sale or Rent with or without an Operator
Because we build them using the best materials and components.
Starting with the strong but lightweight aircraft quality aluminum, machined on the latest EDMs. The new high brightness, high resolution engineering monitor is used along with a Scientifically pure glass beamsplitter to give the brightest, clearest reflected script. And to make them even easier to read, the monitor is larger than the competition's.
The software is the same brand used at The White House and the UN and it's signal is transmitted through super VGA or CAT5 cabling for up to 1200' to maintain the high resolution signal.
Our Presidential Prompters even have battery back-ups so if the power fails during an event the prompter continues.
We also use Back-up Computers that scroll in tandem. If one fails you simply flip a switch and continue.
Please ask for our brochure for many more details.
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